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Amir Maharjan

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Amir Maharjan





Research Interests

Opto-electronic properties study of various nanostructures such as nanowires and nanosheets by using photocurrent and transport spectroscopy.



MS University of Cincinnati-2007(USA)

M.Sc. Tribhuvan University-1998 (Nepal)

B.Sc Trichandra College-1995 (Nepal)


Personal Web Page:



Email Address:




Recent Publications

  • Room Temperature Photocurrent Spectroscopy of Single Zincblende and Wurtzite InP Nanowires, A. Maharjan, K. Pemasiri, P. Kumar, A. Wade, L.M. Smith, H.E. Jackson, J.M. Yarrison-Rice, A. Kogan, S. Paiman, Q. Gao, H.H. Tan, and C. Jagadish,  Applied Physics Letters (APL) (May, 2009). 
  • Photocurrent mapping on single nanowries (In preparation) 
  • Modeling current voltage characteristics in single nanowire (in preparation)


     Recent Presentations: 

   [1] Photocurrent spectroscopy of single InP nanowires

-A.Maharjan,H.E.Jackson,L.Smith,A.Kogan-APSMarch meeting 2009,Pittsburg,PA,contributed paper

   [2] Scanning photocurrent imaging in CdS nanosheets,

-P.Kumar,A.Maharjan,M.Fickenscher,H.E.Jackson,L.Smith,A.Kogan-APS March meeting 2009,Pittsburg,PA,contributed paper

  [3] Photocurrent and Transport spectroscopy of single InP nanowires.

-A.Maharjan,P.Kumar,H.E.Jackson,L.Smith,A.Kogan-UC graduate poster forum 2009,University of Cincinnati,OH and Ohio Innovation Summit,Dayton,OH (poster presentation).

 [4] Photocurrent imaging in CdS nanosheets

-P.Kumar,A.Maharjan,H.E.Jackson,L.Smith,A.Kogan-UC graduate poster forum 2009,University of Cincinnati,OH (poster presentation)

  [5] Photocurrent mapping on single InP nanowire

       -A.Maharjan,H.E.Jackson,L.smith,A.Kogan-OSAPS ,Wright State University,Dayton,OH 2008(poster presentation)

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