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Mohammad Montazeri

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Mohammad Montazeri



Mohammad Montazeri is a native of Iran. He earned his Bachelor of Science degree in physics from Shiraz University in Shiraz, Iran) and his Master of Science degree from Institute for Advanced Studies for Basic Sciences (IASBS) in Zanjan, Iran, which is the most productive research center across the country. He began his PhD work at the University of Cincinnati in September 2006 and began working in the group in March 2008.



Research Interests 

Mohammad studies semiconductor nanowires and nanosheets using a variety of optical spectroscopic techniques, most recently Raman scattering and stress dispersion.




Awards and Honors 

  • Outstanding Graduate Poster Award, University of Cincinnati Graduate Posetr Forum 2009


Personal Web Page: 



Full Curriculum Vitae 



Recent Publications   


  • Raman stress mapping of CdS nanosheet (Mohammad Montazeri, L M Smith, H E Jackson, J M Yarrison-Rice, Y-J Choi, J-G Park; Appl. Phys. Lett. 95 083105, 2009, link)
  • Effect of V/III ratio and catalyst particle size on the crystal structure and optical properties of InP nanowires (S Paiman, Q Gao, H Hoe Tan, Chennupati Jagadish, K Pemasiri, Mohammad Montazeri, H E Jackson, L M Smith, J Yarrison-Rice, X Zhang and J Zou; Nanotechnology 20 225606, 2009, link)
  • Carrier dynamics and quantum confinement in Type-II ZB-WZ InP nanowire homostructures (K. Pemasiri, Mohammad Montazeri, R. Gass, L. Smith, H. Jackson, J. Yarsison-Rice, S. Paiman, Q. Gao, H. Tan, C. Jaqadish, X. Zhang, J. Zou; Nano Lett. 9 (2) 648, 2009, link )



  • Radiation from a dynamically deforming mirror immersed in the electromagnetic vacuum (Mohammad Montazeri and M.F. Miri; Phys. Rev. A 77 053815, 2008, link)



  • Motion-induced radiation from a dynamically deforming mirror: Neumann boundary condition (Mohammad Montazeri and M.F. Miri; Phys. Rev. A 71 063814, 2005, link)


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